Inflatable Air Track Manufacturers

Guangzhou Yuhong Inflatable Products Co, Limited (Yoja Sports) is one of the leading air track manufacturers in China. We target a diverse target audience that includes the gym and children for fun.
With mid-range thickness, our inflatable water slide and  inflatable tumbling track offers a well-loved bounce to our clients for all skill levels and ages. Our China inflatable air tracks are liked by the following alike:
• gymnasts,
• student-athletes
• cheerleaders
If you are in search of giving a bulk order to a reliable china air track manufacturer, then we are the company for you.

What Sets us Apart As China Air Track Manufacturers

Top Quality

Our main goal is to make a solid partnership with the best China suppliers. Concerning this, we have one of the renowned Chinese buyers. The raw materials we get are from top inflatable air track suppliers. Before making an entry, we check every unit we ordered to match our standard.


Our china air track is manufactured keeping in view the diverse needs of athletes. Athletes can be of any age starting from school-going kids to amateur and professionals. If you cater to the needs of athletes and are needing a noteworthy inflatable air track supplier, then Yoja Sports is the only choice.


We are in the inflatable air track business for 17 years. All the experience we got has dripped into our equipment, thus we are improving after every day.
One of our improvements has been the china air track seam protection. Strengthened seems take the equipment to a new level. Rest assured, our equipment as one of the top-tier air track manufacturers can sustain anything you throw at it.

Customized Shape, Size, and Color

Our manufacturing facility is well-equipped to produce the air track in custom sizes, shapes, and color themes. Want to procure the perfect air for your school, club, or park? Contact us now!

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